aerial photo of a construction site.

Aerial Photos of New Jersey's "Construction Progress Aerial Photography Package" has quickly become a cornerstone of our business. We are currently shooting aerial photos of many jobsites in NJ, NY, PA, DE, and CT on a monthly basis. Starting from the initial site evaluation and planning process, our aerial photos shows the progress of your project through to completion and are an excellent way to document jobsite conditions since the entire project can be captured in a single aerial photo!

Construction Progress Aerial Photo


Construction Progress Aerial Photograph


Construction Progress Aerial Photo


Construction Progress Aerial Photograph


Construction Progress Aerial Photo


Construction Progress Aerial Photograph


Construction Progress Time Lapse Video. One of the most cost effective ways to help in managing a construction project is with a webcam. We offer a 5 MP Cellular WorkSite WebCam that takes a photo every 15 minutes and uploads the photo to our server. You are given your own website page where you can view and download all of the photos of the job since day 1. After the job is complete we produce a time lapse video for your marketing efforts. Call us now to see how affordable it really is to professionally monitor your worksites!


Time lapse Video of Solar Array Construction



We also offer an online photo gallery service that displays the entire jobs photography on the Internet for easy and convenient access by all interested parties regardless of their location.

Click Here to see a Sample Online Photo Gallery.

Call Aerial Photos of New Jersey now for more information on how we can professionally serve your aerial photography needs in the NJ, NY, PA, DE, and CT area’s with our Construction Progress Aerial Photography Package.

Our Aerial photos WORK for you!!